Northern Glory with Stuart Watkins


Really excited to have Stuart Watkins with us at Cielo, Garforth Sat 24th.

Stuart was with us at David’s Tent and prophesied over people for about 6 hours straight! He is a real prophetic father, has been involved in church leadership for over 20 years and has mentored many people in the supernatural, including his own daughter who had an encounter with the Wakey wakey angel from the 1904 Welsh revival.

Here is an exciting testimony from a conference Stuart spoke at:

‘I was taking a week of meetings in a church in Bucharest. First night while speaking I noticed a few guys in the front row looking at their hands. I stopped speaking and asked them what was going on. At first they did not really want to say but as I looked I could see oil on their hands. They looked a little surprised as this had never happened to them before. As these guys put their hands near to others the same thing began to happen – oil and also gold dust started appearing on their hands. The meetings were being streamed live over the internet around Europe, mainly to Romanian people. During a meeting a young girl called in to say as they were watching the meeting oil was running down the walls of the room they were in. “What should we do?!!” they were asking. I felt to tell them to take some of the oil put it on their hands and go outside and pray for people. This they did and reported back that people were getting healed as they prayed for them.’

northern-glory-dtWe had a great time at David’s Tent over the summer!

Such a privilege to part of something so special which God is doing in the UK. We took a team down made up with some crazy radicals from Sheffield, Leeds and South Wales and ran a ministry tent during the festival. We had some amazing encounters and some remarkable miracles took place. The main thing was the tangible presence of God that people said they walked into when they came into the tent. God brought lots of people to tears and touched many people’s hearts.

Here are some testimonies from our ministry tent:

A woman with swollen lymphs in her neck had them visibly shrink within a couple of minutes prayer, A woman’s abdominal pain was healed, someone with ligament damage had all the pain instantly go, a person with neck strain was instantly healed, back pain was healed, a person with a damaged wrist instantly healed. One woman had a locked shoulder, she couldn’t raise her arm above her head before she came in the tent and was in pain – after 5 mins of prayer there was no pain and she could put her arm fully in the air. Someone else with a frozen shoulder came in – God unlocked it on the spot. A person with neck injuries – all pain went and movement was restored.

Many people also came for prophetic words and different people commented that there was a Spirit of Prophecy that was resting in the atmosphere over the tent. The accuracy of the words given by the team was very high. A couple came in and I instantly got the word ‘Lily of the Valley’, turned out that Lily was the girl’s name. The team were getting people’s  places of work, their actual house numbers, business ideas that people were actually involved in doing, even naming the different over seas countries that people’s children lived in.

One person from our team asked a girl ‘Are you a dentist?’ She said yes. The team member continued ‘I feel God is wanting to send you out to set up medical centres in different parts of the world, particularly to work with children in trauma situations.’ The girl burst into tears and said, ‘I have never told anyone about this.’ Lydia on our team saw a bunch of numbers over another girl, so she said to her ‘I feel you are very good with numbers. Do you work with finances? I saw Joseph’s anointing over you’ and it turned out the woman was in charge of finances in a Christian aid agency!

It was pretty amazing to see God work so powerfully and touch people’s hearts.


Healing Tent at David’s Tent

northern glory healing tent

We are very excited to be taking a team to David’s Tent to run a healing tent. It will be open from 12-6pm Sat 27th and Sun 28th.

We are doing drop in sessions so if you are at David’s Tent and need healing for anything, drop into the tent and if we are full you will be able to book a session later in the day. Alternatively come at 12pm to book a particular time slot.

We believe that there is going to be a healing outbreak across the site at David’s Tent this year, during the worship and while people are in the Presence of God. Different people have felt it prophetically and it is not just about God impacting this event in this way but about David’s Tent being a catalyst for people to see breakthough in healing when they go home. It is a privilege to be part of it.


January Gathering

Northern Glory | Sat 23rd Jan | St Matthias

northern glory

This year we believe God is saying that you don’t need BIG faith to achieve big dreams in 2016. You don’t need to muster up big faith to achieve the impossible. God is giving out Faith as SMALL as mustard seeds! Small faith will see big breakthroughs!!! Small faith will see mountains shift and the impossible become reality in 2016. This faith as small as mustard seeds will cause a release of the supernatural like we’ve never seen, like the Israelites discovering manna, which means ‘what is it’, we are going to come face to face with a level of the supernatural that makes us stand back and go ‘what on earth is this?!?!’

This Sat we’ll be sharing some more things we believe God is saying this year.
Worship will be led by Liz Pattinson and Joe King from St Matthias Church.


Northern Glory with Lucy Grimble


Come and join us for a night of worship with Lucy Grimble in Leeds! Lucy has headlined David’s Tent over the last few years and has a real ability to lead people into the Presence of God. We are very excited to have her up from London!

Tickets are £5 for the night and you can buy them on the door.

There will be some ministry and we will be praying for healing.